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About Al Haider Company

Al Haider Company is a leader in the energy transition sector. Delivering best-in-class services and solutions

Building Successful Businesses Since 1973

Al Haider Company for Contracting is a 100% Saudi Arabian owned registered Top Leading Contracting company which was established on 1973 at Ras Tanura in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
Presently engaged in Electrical (Overhead Transmission Line & Underground Transmission Line), General Contracting, industrial support services, Operation and maintenance, Heavy Equipment Rental.

Since establishment, Al Haider Company is committed to provide its services for the economic and industrial development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The quality of our professional services is par excellence. We achieve our goals utilizing only the very best professional staff available in our organization.

We understand that the client is our most important asset. The pursuit of excellent quality above all else is the reason of our company’s success.

Project Objectives

Our terms of measures for successful project

For every project that we engage, we in Al Haider Company are primarily concerned in the successful execution with High Quality , 5 Star Safety and Cost effective for the completion of project . A project is successful if its overall objectives are met or realized.


Our objective, as far as “Scheduling” is concerned is to complete and deliver the project to the client on or before the contract completion date. The “Scheduling” is important not only to avoid paying the liquidated damage as imposed in most project contract but most likely for us to build & maintain an image and reputation as a responsible, reliable contractor. Further in most cases, the earlier the Project is completed, the lesser the actual cost is incurred.


Consistent with the ‘cost’ and ‘scheduling’ objectives, we aim to deliver the project ‘product’ as desired by the client and in accordance with contract requirements and specifications, the best quality product.


We aim for the lowest cost possible not only for the benefit of the company but also most especially for the benefit of the client.

5 Stars Safety

Alhaider Company will consider and follow 5 Star Safety procedure for all the
projects from the beginning of the project until the project completion.

Core Services

Electrical Transmission

Transmission lines for overhead and underground


Fiber Optic Telecommunication System


Substation Projects for the Voltage Level 132/33/13.8 KV

Water Infrastructure

Construction of Water Pipeline Network


Remote Terminal unit and Dynamic System monitor

Our Clients

We always respects our clients as our partners where we work closely to create a diversified solution towards the development of our country on the vision of 2030.


Years of Experience
Total Workforce
Total Equipment Fleet
Large-scale Projects

Accreditation and Recognition